When you join my clubs, you need no initial musical skill or knowledge of music  to start with. Over a short period of time, using my teaching methods you will be playing two- handed, simple ideas and songs, with a sound understanding of harmony and the importance of rhythm. The intention is to skill the player quickly so that the pupils can apply knowlege into their own creative ideas. Even to begin improvisation from day 1!


Clubs are run in groups of up to 10 students at a time.

Age groups are split into three distinct groups:


- Children in Year 2, Year 3 or Year 4 at school .                


- Children in Year 5 or Year 6 and above.                      


- Adult.


Each age group may contain mixed abilities from beginners to advanced.  Each lesson consists of small bite sized chunks that are easily achievable within a week.



                                         HOW TO PAY 

Lessons are £10 for one hour and are run in term times (see 'Where/when' link for actual dates of classes).  In your first term, called your "Taster Term" you can come and go as you please without penalty. You simply attend your club and pay £10 in cash on the day. Once your taster term is over you will be sent an email requesting the next term's fees in advance if you wish to continue or you can continue to Pay as You Go for £12.50 per lesson therafter.


This works out at £80 for 8 weeks, or less, depending which term we are in.


To book a place, or simply chat about learning keyboard, please email or call the contact name address on the contact page.


By paying your fees in advance you book your place in the sessions for the next term. At this point there can be no refunds.    


Fees must be paid before the start of each subsequent term.





"Musical training increases brain volume and

strengthens communication between brain areas"

small hands